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Arkansas HIPPY Brigance III Pilot Project
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WELCOME to the Resource Page for HIPPY Arkansas's Brigance III 2013-2014 Pilot Project. 
Resources will be posted and updated frequently from December 2013 through the summer of 2014. Please check this site (especially the FAQs) before contacting me, the HIPPY Arkansas office, or Brigance.  

Thank you!
Hannah Vogler, Project Coordinator


USER'S GUIDE - This guide walks you through the entire IED III, including when to give assessments, how to move from the initial screening to the assessments, the domains and areas we will be using, how to perform the assessment questions, and how to record answers in the Record Book.  It also covers the various options you have for integrating assessments into the assessments into your curriculum schedule. 

You can DOWNLOAD the User's Guide or see the WEBSITE VERSION of the User's Guide.
Last Updated November 11, 2013

DOMAINS & AREAS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL START LOCATIONS - This "cheat sheet" tells you exactly where to start (domain, area, page number, and question) depending on a child's developmental age, and is color-coded to match the IED III's domains.  It is meant to be used along with the User's Guide (above). 

You can DOWNLOAD the Domain Start Locations or see the WEBSITE VERSION of the Domain Start Locations.  
Last Updated November 11, 2013

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) - This document covers questions that have come up or that have been asked by various HIPPY Coordinators.  Each time it is updated, new questions are highlighted.  

You can DOWNLOAD the FAQs or see the WEBSITE VERSION of the FAQs.  
Last Updated November 25, 2013

RESOURCES FROM BRIGANCE - The Brigance website has a number of helpful resources.  The following are what we think are the most relevant and useful for our project:
  • Brigance Online Management System Support - This page gives you the option of downloading both the Admin User Guide and the Teacher User Guide for the Online Management System.  If you are having any issues entering your screening data, we suggest you download and look at these guides.  Note: You WILL Have to log on using your OMS (Online Management System) login information to access this page. 
  • Readiness Activities - There are a number of specific readiness activities that you can share with parents available for each domain (Physical Development, Language Development, Literacy, Mathematics, and Self-Help and Social-Emotional Skills).  There is also a guide available to link the activities with specific areas of the IED III.  You may want to use these resources with parents after an assessment or during a parent-teacher conference.  

 - These are videos we made ourselves to help show how to get from screening to the assessments. They are meant to be used along with the User's Guide.  You can watch all of the sections at once from start to finish, or you can watch sections individually.  Brigance has some videos on their website, but we recommend using these videos because they are very specific to what we are doing.  If you use the Brigance videos, you may get incorrect information. 

Section 1: Watch below or 
Download "Preparing for Brigance Screen"

Section 2: Watch below or 
Download "Administering Brigance Screen"

Section 3: Watch below or Download "Using the Brigance Online Screen Scoring Tool"

Section 4 (Part I): Watch below or Download "Administering Brigance Assessment (Part I)" 

Section 4 (Part II): Watch below 
or Download "Administering Brigance Assessment Part II"

Section 5: Watch below or Download "Filing Assessment Results for Pick-Up"

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